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Analyzing Msfvenom Payloads

13 minute read

The next assignment for the SLAE certification was to analyze different Metasploit msfvenom payloads. The three that I chose to look into were:

Creating Custom Encoder And Decoder

4 minute read

The fourth assignment was to create a custom encoder, which I decided to create an encoder using Python and the decoder in Nasm. An encoder helps obfuscate p...

Egghunter Shellcode

8 minute read

For the third assignment for the SLAE, you are tasked to create an Egghunter shellcode. This is a rather unique challenge, since this was not covered at all ...

Creating A Reverse Shell

8 minute read

A reverse shell is similar to the bind shell that was disussed in the previous blog post. Reverse shells, as with bind shells, allow remote access through a ...

Creating A Tcp Bind Shell

10 minute read

A bind shell is used to create a listening port on a target machine, that can be later accessed via the network and interact with a system shell. This is a c...