Learning Tracker Blog

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What is this about?

Whoo! I got my SLAE certification, and I took a major hiatus but it’s good to be back at everything. I’m slowly getting back into the grind, but a new job in the coming days definitely puts a damper on things…in a good way!

The main purpose of this blog post is to announce/hold myself accountable of trying to learn as much as I can! I love learning so much, and I want to document how much I learn and the process of me growing.

Although the majority of my personal and all of my professional life is encased within cybersecurity, I love learning anything and everything! So I will be updating this site weekly (ideally every Friday night) with what I learned throughout the week!

This can be anything from new programming languages, CTF challenges, a new talent, training my pup, and everything in between. Check out below of the basic structure of how this will work!

How’s this going to work?

I will be trying to learn as much as I can during each week, whether it’s about one thing or several things. I will go into as much depth as I can about the subject, and try to explain the concept as I understand it. They say that you learn best by trying to explain a topic to someone else, and that’s my intent with these blogs. I hope that not only do I start learning at a deeper level, but so does anyone else. I already have a Golang topic prepped to write about, and we’ll see if I can get anything else into the mix for the first blog.

I can’t wait to see how much I grow throughout this but, most importantly, I can’t wait to see how others grow with me!

See you on Friday!